Digital Marketing Master Class

MODULE 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

The first lesson in your professional diploma will introduce you to the world of marketing and, specifically, social media marketing. We will cover a high-level overview of various marketing terms and see exactly how social media marketing fits into your overall marketing strategy. You will learn about social media strategies that you can incorporate into your marketing, budgeting for social media as well as frequently used social media marketing terms.

MODULE 2: Getting to Know Social Media Platforms

In this section, we will uncover the most successful strategies used by successful companies to beat competition. We will also show you how you can determine your market size and potential value that the market has for your startup business.

MODULE 3: Deciphering Your Target Audience

This lesson will teach you how to identify your target audience for social media marketing. You will gain an understanding of who is using social media, how to identify your target audience, and the elements to consider when compiling your target audience and segmenting them into buyer personas.

MODULE 4: Social Media Strategy

In this content-packed lesson, you will learn about the various elements that are required to build a social media strategy for successful social media marketing. Identifying goals, how to measure your success, and identifying the various platforms and content types that you will use to market your business on social media are key aspects of this lesson.

MODULE 5: Optimising Your Social Media Profiles

In this lesson, you will learn how to create accounts on the main social media platforms as well as how to optimise your profile so that you are easily found online. This lesson covers Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

MODULE 6: Basic Data Analysis and Reporting

In this lesson you will learn about the various metrics that you can measure on the major social media platforms, how to access them on your social media channel, as well as what to include in a social media report.

MODULE 7: Email Marketing

Your email list is one of your most powerful assets. Learn how to manage and segment your data, test headlines and maximise open rates and ROI. We also cover marketing automation and the importance of data management regulations.

MODULE 8: Data-driven Social Media Marketing

In this lesson, you will learn about data-driven marketing, various types of social analytics and social insights, as well as additional metrics that you can use to validate the value of your social media marketing efforts. You will also look at the attribution models used to identify various touchpoints that are adding value to your customer journey, or where you need to optimise your customer journey.

MODULE 9: Deep Dive Into Facebook Marketing

We will explores the intricacies of the various posting features that you will find on Facebook and how to use them. You will also learn how to use Facebook Publishing Tools and Facebook Creator Studio. You will learn how to use Facebook Advertising and Messenger for your business as well as how to develop engaging conversations throughout your customer journey, and how to use Facebook and Messenger together.

MODULE 10: Getting the Most Mileage Out of YouTube

This lesson will teach you how to post to YouTube as well as other posting features that you can use. You will also learn how to prepare before you shoot your video, what to consider during your shoot and what to do after your shoot, as well as video content creation and YouTube best practices and community guidelines.


In this section, we will give you the latest tools, tips and techniques to optimise your store to rank high on Google. Topics include:
  • SEO plan
  • Black hat vs White hat techniques
  • SEO for Social channels
  • How you can rank high so customers can find you on Google
  • 10 must-have techniques for search engine optimisation


Marketing is completely changes in the last few years.
In this section, we will give you the tools and technique to make use of latest marketing techniques. . Topics include:

  • Social media vs conventional media
  • You tube,Instagram and beyond….
  • The Sales Funnel
  • Data Driven Marketing
  • Using Facebook for your advantage
  • Creating Engaging and desirable content
  • Auditing Social media